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I unify yoga and functional fitness to give you the most effective experience. You will challenge your body and mind to get stronger, move better and keep enjoying life.

I believe:

  • Life is a continuous lesson in finding balance. The way we spend our days determines how we spend our entire lives.

  • Investing in health and personal development is the most powerful investment.

  • Everyone deserves to feel strong and secure, physically and mentally.

  • Everyone needs a peaceful state of mind in order to enjoy their life — and the people in it — more fully. This does not happen by accident, but takes time, courage and determination. 

  • Each individual needs a holistic and personal approach in order to get the best out of him-/herself.

I promise:

  • To constantly challenge myself to deliver excellent, personal service. 

  • To inspire and guide you on your journey toward true health and well-being. 

  • To support you in taking small steps for sustainable achievements physically and mentally.





Breathing is the foundation of life.

The way we breathe mirrors the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. To optimize your training sessions, I guide you through breathing techniques to increase your awareness to feel rested, focused and calm.

Tying Shoelaces


My moving philosophy is inspired from fitness and yoga. With unifying the best of both worlds my classes will challenge your body and mind. I use fitness to build strength and stamina and yoga to enhance flexibility and posture.

You are getting stronger, more flexible and perform better in your daily life and sport.   

Acupressure Neck Massage


Excessive and prolonged stress (to the body) due to training or work can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. The real magic happens when we unplug and allow the body to recharge and reset. Through massages, recovery training sessions and cold therapy I support your healing process to feel energized, prevent injuries and staying fit and active.       



My aim is to help you be the best you can be in your everyday activities and sport.

My massages are specifically created to serve you who has a physically demanding job as well as desk workers and sporters. Physical activities and stress build up tension in your muscles and affect your posture. Massage is one of the best ways to relieve this discomfort. To achieve the best outcome, I use a mix of sport massage, deep tissue techniques and classic relaxing Swedish massage. Give your body the attention and care it deserves, you will feel unstoppable again!​

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Cross-Yoga is a physical and mental training that suits everyone regardless of fitness level and age. Cross-Yoga is a unique and complete workout with a mix of strength exercises, yoga postures and breathing techniques. During the class, we alternate between bodyweight exercises and Kettlebells. I believe that proper posture and right breathing are fundamental to get optimal results, therefore I prioritize quality over quantity.

Prepare yourself for a challenging and different way of training and you will feel strong, energized and free of all tension.​

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Are you in pain? Are you recovering from an injury? Do you want to improve your performance in sport?

My physiotherapy approach is holistic, focusing on the source not the symptom. You can expect a session that goes beyond a traditional physiotherapy session where I use yoga, strength, medical training and massages to help you heal better. For me it’s important that you also understand the reasons behind your pain so we can work together.





Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.




070 4812361 

Vasavägen 49, 582 33 Linköping


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About me

I’m Makram and I’m a husband of a lovely wife and a dad of a little son. We used to live in the Netherlands, but after having our kid, we decided to move closer to family. We moved to Sweden in the summer 2021.

I used to have my own business in the Netherlands since 2008, and the goal is to continue my mission with promoting overall health and well-being here in Linköping. 

I have always loved fitness and sport. While my path has shifted and curved through the years, my passion for health has only grown stronger. This is what has led me from training, to physical therapy, to (therapeutic) massage, to yoga instructor. With an endless curiosity around what makes us feel better, there is no telling where my path will lead next.

I am truly motivated and inspired to support you in your journey to feel stronger and happier.

Unify - Makram Cherif
About me
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